Best Beauty Trends for Fall and Winter 2008

Bright colors for the eyes of super-dark shades for lips, you'll find some new additions to change the flight this season. You do not have to wait until the holiday in its latest lineup of rich colors and metallic tap tap, the fall of 2008 requires some radical changes to the eyes, lips and cheeks.

If you are willing revised for a much needed make-up bag, make sure to collect some of these beauty trends for fall and winter2008:

bushy eyebrows for Autumn Beauty Trends 2008

If you are a fan tweezing, this can be a challenge to pull off. However, there are several options for filling in the face with face powder and thickening these lines with a little 'fillers eyebrow. The goal is to create a look thick and bold and upper part of the eye, but you can still tame these extra hair with tweezers, if necessary.

Asian-inspired eyeliner for winter beautyTrends 2008

It 's the season for an eye, super-chic so ready to get them peepers with eyeliner preparing fresh and clean. to create jet black eyeliner, which is about an inch from the fold of the lid for a simple Asian-inspired look. You should also try to increase the lashes with a 'Fringe', each mascara this season, you can separate the lashes will help you capture this trend for the top beauty.

Plump lips and dark for the beauty of autumnTrends 2008

This calls for autumn and winter for another year of super-dark lips, then lipstick for lips stained red and burgundy wine stains and heavy. to use the easiest way to pull this look is a complementary lip liner and "set" the color with a matte finish. This is a radical change in the lips nude and light reflections of the summer, so ready, more attention moves on it!

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