Dangerous Beauty Supplies

For many women, makeup and other beauty supplies are a part of their daily routine. Some even felt "naked" without them. During the process of building a beauty regime can be a fun and self-confidence, the tag to use cosmetics, women are aware of the potential danger of these terms. It 'hard to price a product on the store, unless the buyer has an income large useless. If you walk to the islands in your local pharmacy, grocery store or evenhigh-end department stores, there are many options so that when it comes to beauty to decipher which products are safer for you is very difficult. But it is important to read labels and ingredients carefully to what is known about exposure.

Hazardous Ingredients

Many contain harmful ingredients in beauty supplies, some of which are also carcinogenic. This is particularly worrying in a place that up to 70% of what we usetopically absorbed into the body. Thus, while the base that you put on your face every single day if it has harmful chemicals per se, these chemicals end up directly in your blood! Another problem with make danger is not well controlled. In fact, of the 10,000 chemicals in cosmetics have been tested 89% non-security. The following chemicals are common ingredients in beauty supplies or classified as carcinogens by the EPAreproductive toxins.

or phthalates

or acrylamide

formaldehyde or

or ethylene

other products contain things that do not even dream of slathering on your face, such as:

oil or

or Vaseline

petroleum or

These ingredients are used to lock the moisture in the block, but also toxins and leaves the skin does not receive enough oxygen. insufficient oxygen supply to the skin can cause premature aging, which is the exact cause of leadProducts containing these ingredients are intended to prevent.

Other chemicals found in nail polish, perfume and hairspray which contain a compound mimics estrogen, which can lead to low sperm count, thyroid dysfunction and breast cancer.

How can you avoid harmful products

As hard as it could be the ingredients for each product you consider buying is a vital necessity to avoid harmful chemicals. Opt for brands that are truly organic. But do not trust the packaging.Check everything for themselves.

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