Military, fashion trends for women

Military-inspired fashion is a favorite track, appearing in various collections throughout the seasons. Make it look not so much a trend as a closet brave. With everything going on in today's world, the trend could not the military today and that is why it continues to evolve into new variants.

The look is moved Napoleonic style jackets and jackets with neck stand up with military brass buttons and gold braid. Cheryl Cole hugslook as if they were "fighting for her love." Victoria Beckham was spotted out and about sporting look.

The fall season is all of hard fighting style mixed with modern functionality and fun. The forces have influenced two key looks, style, and the army aviator.

The interpretation of the Army green camouflage khaki and olive, with a single shot. The uniform shows utilitarian coats, jackets, pants and blouses. Heavy pieces of utilities that make up aemerging urban uniform that requires attention to the seasons'. Why not a team effort this year summer jacket with ruffle / floral dress, taking it with the autumn / winter season.

Aviator-style first developed by Amelia Earhart, long before the design was a phenomenon popular celebrities. Amelia has designed the "Active Living" lines as an expression of his own image. Its simple concept of natural pieces were washed and wrinkles, "the embodiment of a lean, focused, butfeminine women is sold in 50 stores as Macy. The classic aviator has inspired an immortal source of fashion.

Aviator style today, is powered by dark tones of brown leather jackets with sheepskin, lambskin or fur. Be inspired by the war with a country full length girl dresses suit, choked and tapered at the waist to the ankles. You could also layer the suit over a shirt with sleeves rolled up for a feminine touch.

A leather bomber jacketJacket with a pair of pants on horseback, the boots are in perfect sexy look male or female are hidden. Modernizing the look with lean cuts and appropriate accessories.

Take the matter of utility, with a well-tailored dress in turquoise, olive green or gray to work. Simple, elegant and chic. Add a bag frame, the kitten heel and a minimum of accessories.

The great thing about military is that a small part to integrate into your look every day withoutat sea. It will add a little edge to your look in no time.

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